Friday, April 25, 2014


One of my favorite rooms in the house definitely has to be the family room! It is really big and we can do so much with the space. I especially love it because I know that is going to come in handy for holidays and birthdays etc. It already has been used and everybody loves that space! Now it wasn't that great when we got the keys. The previous owner left so much crap. Ok let me put it in a nice way.. valuables , things. Thats what you will see in the first picture, but anyway that's a whole different story. It has had some changes since we bought the place but its no where near done. When we first bought it , it had carpet from like 1930, yes I know exactly what we thought…not cute! We installed hardwood floors and it instantly got a face lift. Currently we are using our old couches that we used in our last apartment. Fact of the day- Those were the first couches we ever purchased on our own, on a black friday to be exact, so we are having difficulties parting with them. They are super comfy! Is that normal? Anybody having the same problem? Everything before that we were using second hand furniture from family or friends. I've seen a new set that I would like for this room but I'm still not quite sure and every time I keep going to check if they are still at the store I like them less & less, so maybe I should stop stalking them. My gut is telling me those aren't it or else I wouldn't be second guessing myself. So meanwhile here is what that room looks like because lets face it….I could talk all day. Now on to the pictures…

This is what it looked like Christmas 2013

Ok so I thought I had more pictures lol, I could of swore I went picture crazy when we bought the house! Maybe not so much with the family room since it was kinda empty. You take away that table, chairs, presents, xmas tree & decor it = a room thats half empty. So meanwhile I take more pictures of the current look here is the couches I was stalking spying on.

What do you think?

<3- Jacki

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