Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey...I'm back! Why is it that it seems like I'm the only person that gets to blogging blues? I want to blog but I get lazy as a matter of fact I wanna do so mannyy things! Its not really that I get lazy, I have so much to do that I tend to say I will do it later tonight or when the kids go to bed ...but then I end up falling asleep. BOOOOOO... ANYWAYS this post is going to short and sweet. Last weekend I went to my Cousins soon to be wifey bridal shower! They were registered at Bed Bath and Beyond & Target. I love both stores so being the happy shopper (that had an excuse to shop) that I am I thought I'd check out both stores and registries. I did online browsing but a lot of the items didn't have pictures so that was lame. And I hate carrying around the papers at the store because it gives me a headache!! So I am not a fan of having to shop of a registry. At the end of it all I decided to make half of my gift a personal touch. I ended up loving it and so did they!(I think) lol I ended up forgetting to get a before and after pics so at the shower I took after pics when she had opened them. I can do a tutorial later down the line since this was my first time doing this. I need to stop talking now... so enjoy the pics! The first two pics is the frames I bought at Target.

I loved the end result! 

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Before's Part Two

Hello there!?! We shall waste no time and continue with the pictures. If you missed Part one just click here.. I tricked ok remember I'm a beginner I couldn't figure how to link it because I just got my laptop and since its a Mac I am so not used to it. So the previous post is called The Apartment
before's. Now moving on...

This my dear people is the "linen closet." Towards the bottom is where I keep the laundry hampers, which of course I didn't want to show! Basically I would also use it to keep "extras" of stuff and towels. Since I am a hairstylist I also have a good amount of hair things so in here are some of my hair color things. It needs to change ASAP!
 This has a lot of good tips!
This I hate no matter how many times I organize the top it tends to repeat within days arrgghh..

 Good example of what I said in the last post, you see that basket on the floor brand new piece I bought from Pier 1 and more new things I bought just sitting inside waiting for me to help them...
 The wonderful view I get when I'm laying down..(blah)
 Her side of the closet...You expected worse huh? lol
 His side of the closet...
 The top drawer of the vanity...
The kids room, boy and girl share

 At the moment I have the white rug I had in the middle of their room sitting at the bottom of their closet it needs a wash...
 I spy a precious little girl...

Ok now this is the only "after" pictures I have so far not really After just Progress because theres a lot more I want to do. So basically this is what it can look like!!!!
 And everything that is in the basket has to be sorted and put in its right place. AGAIN, that's something that I do a lot which needs to change.
Ok I definitely need to continue this on another post! Stay tuned .....

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Apartment Before's

Hello so this will be my first official post! Since I initially made this blog to kind of organize more of our lives which overall would be just about everything, I am going to post pictures of our apartment. The before's of course! We moved into this place in March 2012. Of course we are renting so paint colors and finishes that you will see in the pictures I had nothing to do with!!!! Which I can't really do much besides the decor. Now I'm warning you compared to my favorite blogs my space is like a dungeon hole that needs major help, but since we are renting I can't really do much. That's why I can't wait to have a house!!! But due to this economy it is wayyyy harder to get approved to buy a home so it stinks! I decided to split this post into 2 or 3 because of how many pictures I am going to put up so this will be part 1. Well without further boringment (yes i just made up a word), I present to you The Moving Squad's current household.....drumroll please.....

Starting with the front entrance..
It was actually much worse but I just had added the cubbies found them on sale at target after I had been eyeing them for a long time. Score!
(below) Now the living room...
 and yes this is what it looks like when its messy..thats what before's are for? Right?

 closet in the living room
The hallway that leads to the bathrooms, 1st bedroom and kitchen...
 This stuff dosen't belong here it will just make my after pictures so much better lol, the white racks used to be at the front entrance (foyer if you dare to call it that) but since I got the cubbies it was removed I've used it for several things but it hasn't found a stable home place yet.
 I so need to invest in a nice runner because this mats are not doing it....the whole fam hates them!
Do you know them? Maybe , I don't , yes thats the picture the frames came with I haven't put our pics in yet (that just shows you how much of a procrastinator I am) there is 5 frames hanging on that wall and 3 of them have family pictures. If you wonder why I hung them up well here is the answer..I'm known for buying things and just storing them or it takes me a long time to put them to use, so in this case I figured the sooner I hung them up the faster I would put the pictures in.. I guess I was half right?!

1st half bathroom...
 2nd bathroom (full)

Ok well The End. . . . . Just kidding (that would of been awkward) I did try to add the linen pics in this post as well but only one of them was being added and I two that I wanted to put. I am new to this so I don't know if Its me or what but I assumed it didn't fit haha. I have to be honest and say that at first I didn't want to post these pictures. WHY? Because no one ever see's mi casa like this, if someone called and said we are coming over I would gain tons of energy and clean the place like in 5 minutes and make it look spotless ....ok maybe not super spotless but decent looking. This is what it normally looks like at its worst (in my eyes). Come back so you can see the other half!!! Thanks for reading, until later people!   ---Jackie

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hi! I was so excited to start blogging I just had to do this quick post to say hi! Can't wait to do more!