Monday, September 10, 2012


Hey...I'm back! Why is it that it seems like I'm the only person that gets to blogging blues? I want to blog but I get lazy as a matter of fact I wanna do so mannyy things! Its not really that I get lazy, I have so much to do that I tend to say I will do it later tonight or when the kids go to bed ...but then I end up falling asleep. BOOOOOO... ANYWAYS this post is going to short and sweet. Last weekend I went to my Cousins soon to be wifey bridal shower! They were registered at Bed Bath and Beyond & Target. I love both stores so being the happy shopper (that had an excuse to shop) that I am I thought I'd check out both stores and registries. I did online browsing but a lot of the items didn't have pictures so that was lame. And I hate carrying around the papers at the store because it gives me a headache!! So I am not a fan of having to shop of a registry. At the end of it all I decided to make half of my gift a personal touch. I ended up loving it and so did they!(I think) lol I ended up forgetting to get a before and after pics so at the shower I took after pics when she had opened them. I can do a tutorial later down the line since this was my first time doing this. I need to stop talking now... so enjoy the pics! The first two pics is the frames I bought at Target.

I loved the end result! 

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