Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finding the perfect Fruit bowl

So I'm on the hunt for the perfect fruit bowl. I have yet to find the perfect one , maybe because I really don't know what I want! Anyhow I needed something to put my fruit in , since I had no special place for it. I went to a little old store called Pier 1 Imports, and I mean c'mon they don't have much I like. Um…Now thats a lie I love Pier 1 but I took with me this little boy that said, "Mom they don't have nothing WE like here." HaHaHa! I was like WE? I guess its not quite his taste! Mommy did find something she liked, actually she couldn't decide between the two so she bought both! So here are my new fruit bowls!

I' m thinking of putting the darker one in my breakfast table and the white one on the counter space. But that might change who if your a true home decor obsessionist you know how it be lol! And I only keep bananas in the white bowl I don't like my bananas too ripe so they will have their own space. Somebody told me you should not keep bananas and apples together the apples ripen the bananas real fast, so now I don't want to mix them with other fruit since I don't know the fruit rules lol do you? Please share if you do!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Costco Haul!

Who doesn't love Costco? If you don't love Costco then ..Bye.  Ok if you don't love Costco I think I know why…it empties out your bank account. I'm pretty sure thats it. I like to shop there for things like toilet paper, paper towels paper plates etc. Basically anything I can have in bulk that will not go bad. That helps so we aren't constantly going out and having to buy these things we pretty much are always stocked. But I have to admit I love the whole freaking store. I always like walking around to see what new things they have and there prices are always great so I buy more than toilet paper! Here's a little Costco Haul to show you what I purchased. Only the fun things no toilet paper and chicken nuggets pictures don't worry.
I don't have big bowls so these were nice and I like that they have lids.

I love these binz! They are pretty pricey individually so I was glad I found these there! Costco price $19.99

I forgot to take a pic of this in the box but it serves for serving meals that require a lot of toppings like tacos for example.

I also purchased 2 body washes, 2 hand soaps, 2 bar soaps from a company that part of the proceeds go to children in need. The bundle cost $28.99.

They were very moisturizing which is what sold me, since I have very dry skin.

Pretty fun things huh? Oh my how things have changed, I can't believe kitchen bowls get me excited lol!